Angela Hassall

I am Angela Hassall, and for over four decades, I have dedicated my life to guiding individuals and businesses toward self-discovery and success. As a life, soul, and business coach, my journey has been a dynamic and fulfilling one, continuously developing as I delve deeper into my personal processes. This exploration has allowed me to guide others in discovering their individual paths, rediscovering lost parts of themselves, and embracing newfound joy and success. Through my work, I am able to constantly evolve and help others do the same.

You can say that my coaching is not just a career but also a calling. As a trusted advisor, I have had the honor of working with a diverse range of clients – from corporate starseeds to ambitious entrepreneurs and individuals seeking a greater sense of purpose in their lives. My approach is highly intuitive and spiritually-driven, which allows me to truly see and understand those I work with. Through this guidance, my clients are empowered to tap into their full potential and reach new heights.

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My work stands out because of my unique combination of sound vibration and energy healing. As a Master Reiki healer, I expertly blend these techniques to facilitate growth and create positive transformation. My focus is on helping you reconnect with your true self, understand your purpose, and fulfill your potential. Drawing on my own personal journey, I offer guidance and support as you take on your own transformative journey.

In my book, “Reboot Your Soul,” I wholeheartedly advocate for this unique approach. Through interactive and soulful exploration, I guide readers towards self-discovery and a deepened spiritual bond. My belief in honest and effortless leadership has yielded powerful results in my retreats and programs. Participants frequently experience transformative breakthroughs and emerge equipped with valuable insights, techniques, and resources to navigate life with greater purpose and fulfillment.

Since 2016, I have focused on enhancing my natural abilities as an energy healer, utilizing sound, voice, and breath in creating Sound Healing Ceremonies. Alongside my husband Wayne, we have cultivated a global community of followers, resonating with those seeking to rediscover their essence in this lifetime.

As a mother of three, stepmother to two, and Yaya to six grandchildren, my personal life is as rich and fulfilling as my professional one. My first book, “Children Playing Adults Learning,” reflects my belief in the transformative power of imaginative play and its lasting impact on our soul’s journey.

Come with me as we shall delve into the depths of your inner light, retrace the steps of your soul’s path, and fully embrace the stardust that makes us who we are. Side by side, let us unleash the boundless potential that resides within each and every one of us.