Reboot Your Soul

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Experience a captivating exploration as Angela Hassall guides you through the depths of the soul in her latest book, “Reboot Your Soul.” Perfect for starseeds who seek a deeper understanding of their cosmic journey, this unique guide is a must-read. This book is not just your casual read, but an invitation for self-discovery and cosmic remembrance.

Angela begins her book with a transformative Sound Healing Ceremony at Chester Cathedral, a historical landmark in her hometown, Chester. The Cathedral, rich in history and spiritual energy, sets the stage for an exploration of past lifetimes and ancestral memories embedded within its ancient walls.

The date, 20th February 2020 (20.02.2020), a numerologically significant Master Number and also Angela’s birthday, marks the commencement of a profound shift. It’s a moment in time that precedes the global pause brought on by the pandemic, serving as a catalyst for Angela’s guidance in finding inner stillness and starting the process of soul remembrance.

Angela’s book is a personal tale that is a resonant story for many starseeds who have always felt different, separate, and in search of something more. Her journey across the world and the universe is not only profound and fun but also a guide for others to wake up to their full potential and remember their essential role on Earth.

The book shows us Angela’s personal journey of remembrance, which began in 2012 with a message from the Beings of Light. It is a path that is filled with sound healing ceremonies, the power of her voice, and the transformative energy of her breath. Angela’s experiences are shared with the intention to assist others in their own starseed journey, to complete their soul retrieval and embrace their light fully.

“Reboot Your Soul” is a story that is a call to wake up, to remember, and to step into the light, completing the cosmic puzzle that began in childhood. Angela Hassall’s journey and teachings are a beacon for all seeking to understand their place in the universe and fulfill their purpose on Earth.