Ângela Hassall reboot your soul

Angela is a beautiful, wise, strong and inspirational woman. She has helped thousands of people, including myself, remember who we are.

Angela brought up three magnificent children as a single parent, lovingly guiding them and allowing them to always remember who they were. She worked in corporate coaching at the time her children were young and worked hard to provide a wonderful life for her family by living a life with a careful balance of feminine and masculine energies.

Angela is extremely intuitive due to her deep connection her strong feminine energy but her ability to access her masculine energy has allowed her to stride forward with confidence as a leader and inspirational member of the spiritual community. 

Angela’s work is  anchored in science. Joe Dispenser has repeatedly stated that “science is the new and most accurate religion.” This is true because science is factual and proven and its results and outcomes are not emotionally-biased or person-centered. They speak for themselves and cannot be denied or refuted. So although sound ceremonies and the rest of Angela’s work could be seen as pleasant and well-meaning theories, they are in fact all scientifically proven and sound modalities, thus making them extremely powerful. 

Angela has absolute belief in her work due to the results that she has had with her many clients, as well as the achievements in her own personal life. She very happily married to Wayne and together they live a full, happy, adventurous and prosperous life. They lead by example, work hard and play hard. They say “yes” to everything while maintaining strong boundaries, meaning they are open to living an expansive, ever-evolving and unlimited life while doing what feels right for them in their hearts and souls. Angela and Wayne are a magnificent team and the type of people that are a pleasure and joy to be with. The type of people whose company you wish to be in for longer at each encounter. The type of people that love whole-heartedly and who inspire all those they meet. 

So why read reboot your soul? Firstly, the book is full of heart and soul and Angela’s style of writing really helps capture the reader and pull them in, making it easy-reading. Secondly, each chapter flows from the next building exciting momentum. Thirdly, let’s discuss the title. What does “reboot your soul” mean? Each of us came to the earth with a unique set of talents and gifts and the book helps us remember what those are and gives simple, sound advice on how to brings those talents and gifts back to the surface, so we can navigate our lives in a more aligned way, to we can maximize our unique unlimited potential. When we are disconnected from our souls we can find ourselves swimming against the tide of life and our problem-solving abilities are depleted. With the reboot techniques in this book we can learn to get into the flow of the river and let the tide carry us, thus having more energy to thrive rather than to simply survive. When we get out of survival we have the ability to become aware of the subtle (or not so subtle) messages life is constantly feeding back to us, so we can ask ourselves “is this aspect of my life working?” Then we have the ability to make changes if the answer is “no”, or we can do more of the same if the answer is “yes.” It’s about recapturing the freedom and potential that every baby is born with that we often lose as a result of life’s conditioning experiences. 

Angela really walks her talk and is living her best life. Therefore, she is well placed to help you identify the talk, then how to walk with all the steps in place so you can march on confidently having found the direction you wish to take your life in.

DrSusie Harris MD